Occupational Therapists Network

Occupational Therapy Networks

What is Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on the treatment, prevention, and assessment of mental and physical disorders with the goal of helping patients recover and enable them to perform their daily tasks. Therapists help children improve their motor, physical, and cognitive skills and develop a healthy sense of accomplishment.

Occupational Therapy and Rural and Remote Practice Network

Therapists practice in remote and rural areas and communities, and the Practice Network serves as a platform and forum for sharing ideas, resources, and best practices. It is a platform for networking which aims to ensure that remote and rural communities have access to health services.

Occupational Therapists Working in Mental Health

Therapists work with patients to achieve life balance and offer interpersonal and social skills training. They also specialize in supported education and employment, cognitive rehabilitation, and life skills training. Occupational therapists also specialize in mindfulness-enhanced therapy and biofeedback as part of an integrated and comprehensive treatment program.

Occupational Therapists Working in Dementia Care

Professionals also work in dementia care to help patients retain their function and skills as long as possible. They also offer caregiver sessions, consultations, and wellness programs and use different approaches such as modification, maintenance, remediation, and health promotion to ensure that patients function in a supportive, healthy, and safe environment.

Occupational Therapy within the Military and Veterans Affairs

Some practitioners also work with veterans and within the Armed Forces and offer mental and physical health services. The goal is to ensure supportive environment for veterans and create effective patient care plans. Occupational therapists work in different facilities, including nursing homes, community outpatient and ambulatory clinics, and medical centers.

Occupational Therapists Working in Oncology

Occupational therapy is of special importance for patients living with cancer. Practitioners offer treatments and interventions for bone metastases, neurological problems, insomnia, breathlessness and cough, and cognitive deficits. Therapists also help with weight loss, vomiting and nausea, fatigue, pain, and other problems patients face.

Occupational Therapists Working in Private Practice

Occupational therapists in private practice in Canada are self-employed practitioners who are either principals or partners in a business. They work with patients of all ages to help them maintain or regain work and life skills and offer specialized services such as health and financial management, personal device care, and services related to social participation, integration, work, and education.

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